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How does it happen that a person sentenced to die for a crime must be in good health before the death sentence can be carried out, yet an unborn baby aborted in a partial birth abortion must be killed with a scissors rammed into the back of its skull so it can be “born” dead?  The world is such a confusing place.

The course of our lives is predetermined by our character.

“Anti-Abortion and Pro Execution. I find the Hypocrisy astounding.”
I picked this quote off Facebook.  It refers to Texas law.  When I was working “in the trenches” in the pro-life/post-abortion movement, variations of this comment were frequently heard.
I am both pro-life (aka anti-abortion) and pro capital punishment.  Here’s my "definitive" answer:
Abortion is the execution of an innocent life without benefit of trial by jury.
Capital punishment is the execution of a person judged by his/her peers to be guilty of a capital offense.

I used to begin press conferences and speeches with these words:  “I am guilty of murder.  I will never be arrested, tried, convicted, spend time in prison, or be executed for what I did, because the murder I committed is called legalized abortion.”  [You could hear a pin drop.]
If today is the first day of the rest of our lives, what is tomorrow?


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