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The poetry on this page is meant to encourage you. 
Some is written by me, some by others. 

The Mender
 My Saviour specializes
     In mending broken things,
He takes the heart that’s shattered
     And gives it songs to sing.

He pieces it together
     With His sweet gracious touch;
He mends the heart that’s broken
     Because He loves so much.

He mends the broken spirit,
     Then lifts that spirit up
And pours the oil of gladness
     Into the upturned cup.

The broken lives He reshapes . . .
     Those lives so wrecked by sin
When in their crushed condition
     They turn in faith to Him.

The broken dreams that crumble
     To ashes at our feet
That seemed so fair and lovely,
     That made life taste more sweet.
Those broken dreams He rebuilds
     And fashions them anew . . .
Then gives us faith to trust Him
     To see new dreams come true.

What of the broken plans then?
     The broken health that comes?
Is He not ever mindful
     When life’s swift pendulum

Dashes to scattered pieces
     The plans that we have made?
Above it all, He whispers,
     “I shall come to your aid.”

He restores broken spirits,
     Binds broken hearts and dreams,
Repairs the shattered pages
     Of lives that He redeems.

He stands ready to help us
     No matter what life brings
Because He specializes
     In mending broken things!

Author Unknown


What Is the Truth?

The truth is
I have done something wrong
I can never undo that wrong
I can never make right that wrong

The truth is
 Not easy to admit
 Not easy to look back on
Not easy to live with

The truth is
Someone knows what I have done
Someone feels what I feel
Someone cares about me


The truth is
Someone has forgiven what I did
Someone has said, "I will forget"
Someone has offered to heal me
Copyright 1992-2018 Pamela J. Koerbel

People have become term-educated.  We know the terms.  We know (or think we know!) what they mean.  But most people don’t seem to realize that they have allowed the terms to define their current lifestyle and to explain why such a lifestyle is “acceptable.”  Perhaps the following poem will help put things into their proper perspective.
The Name Game
Victim, validation, affirmation, co-dependency,
Dysfunctional, syndrome, and recovery,
Healing process, forgiving self, self-esteem, closure, and therapist,
Are terms we toss about that don’t mean what they suggest.
For instead they talk of being sick and learning how to heal
But focus on the arteries when it is the heart with which I must deal.
As a victim I’m not responsible for actions done to me
But victims can’t be victors unless they trust God that they are free.
Validation means someone else says my actions are okay;
Affirmation lets me know that I’m loved anyway.
Neither term helps me to grow in ways God says I should,
But only keep me clinging to the belief that I am good.
To claim my family is dysfunctional or caused a co-dependency
Are crutches used to blame others for the sin that lives in me!
Syndrome’s symptoms go round and round and tend to never stop.
Recovery indicates I once was sick, not feeling quite tip-top.
“Sin”drome better states my state, although it’s hard to face.
And God reconciles the sin in my life, but recovery doesn’t take place.
Restoration better describes my changed status with man and God,
But the consequences of sin I’ll bear while this earthly path I trod
The healing process really is sanctification at work in me;
Forgiving self is impossible,  for I’m not God, you see.
Self-esteem builds me up inside and makes me feel so good!
But feelings can’t be trusted and self-focus is not from God.
Closure says the time has come to put my past in a box,
When instead God may be asking me to speak of things I’d rather not.
So, Lord, help me to understand your Word and what You have to say.
Change my wicked heart as I come to You and pray.
For You are my Redeemer and Lord,  not a therapist come to talk.
Please teach me how I should now live; with You I want to walk.

Excerpted from The Post Abortion Reference Manual, Page 297
Copyright 1991-2018 – Pam Koerbel – Not to Be Reproduced


My Choice
In any situation
   That life may bring my way
I have a choice of what to do
   Each moment of each day.
Some say, “That isn’t so,
   For God knows what will be.”
This is most true -- He knows,
   But God leaves the choice to me.
I can follow Christ in wisdom
   Or the world in grieving pain;
I can give my life to Jesus
   Or to Satan without gain.
Though God already knows the answer
   To everything that will be
One fact stands out above the rest --  
The choice is up to me.
“Yes” or “no,” two simple words,
   But how they matter to my life;
The choice I make will either
   Bring perfect peace or strife.
E’en though I pray, “Dear Jesus,
   Not my poor will, but Thine,”
Two ways will be afforded
   And the choice is always mine.

Copyright 1978-2018 Pamela J. Koerbel

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